I’m the no-BS Jane of All Trades you can rely on to take the lead. To tell you the truth and be your confidant. Get you out of trouble. Or INTO trouble, if that’s what you’re looking for.

On stage, I’ve played an exuberant 1920’s housewife (Enchanted April), a loving, tenacious mother protecting her family (My Heart in a Suitcase), a no-nonsense AIDS researcher (The Wonderful World of Science), and most recently, a smart middle manager that saves the company (My Father’s Play) and an elegant albeit scorned ex-wife fighting for what’s rightfully hers (Quiet Enjoyment- world premiere).

You can also find me on camera as a ‘tough but tender’ teacher in the forthcoming film Parent/Teacher, or in commercial work flashing my pearly-whites, hugging dogs, or keeping a household from falling apart.

When I’m not whipping up baked goods, I’m writing my own scripts or planning my next trip around the world. Still keeping up with me? Tag along with me for my newest obsession: violin lessons!

There isn’t a challenge this redhead can’t tackle.
So tell me, can I take care of anything for you, dear?

©2020 by Jamie Lee Kearns