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Jamie Lee Kearns 

Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.

-Ralph Marston



"NESTING": a short film by Jamie Lee Kearns 

September 2020

Writing has become a great creative outlet for me throughout this crazy year. With encouragement from mentor Mark Shanahan and JW Studios, during the month of September, I wrote, filmed, edited, and premiered my newest short film "NESTING". It's a light-hearted comedy about the pursuit of happiness for one pregnant lady, the challenges she faces, and how adjusts to her 'new normal'. 

I'll be sharing the film publicly at the end of November. Stop back to click the link below! 



I’m the no-BS Jane of All Trades you can rely on to take the lead. To tell you the truth and be your confidant. Get you out of trouble. Or INTO trouble, if that’s what you’re looking for.

On stage, I’ve played an exuberant 1920’s housewife (Enchanted April), a loving, tenacious mother protecting her family (My Heart in a Suitcase), a no-nonsense AIDS researcher (The Wonderful World of Science), and most recently, a smart middle manager that saves the company (My Father’s Play) and an elegant albeit scorned ex-wife fighting for what’s rightfully hers (Quiet Enjoyment- world premiere).

You can also find me on camera as a ‘tough but tender’ teacher in the forthcoming film Parent/Teacher, or in commercial work flashing my pearly-whites, hugging dogs, or keeping a household from falling apart.

When I’m not whipping up baked goods, I’m writing my own scripts or planning my next trip around the world. Still keeping up with me? Tag along with me for my newest obsession: violin lessons!

There isn’t a challenge this redhead can’t tackle.
So tell me, can I take care of anything for you, dear?



SONG PARODY: What (the F***'s) Up? by Jamie Lee Kearns (comedic)

SONG PARODY: What (the F***'s) Up? by Jamie Lee Kearns (comedic)

Original song: What's Up by the 4 Non Blondes Parody lyrics/singing/filming/editing: Jamie Lee Kearns Tech: iPhone, Audacity, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro. *Web: *Instagram: @theycallmejames *FB: During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, I was inspired to write a parody song, because my mind kept asking the world "What's Going On?" in a desperate plea to understand the tragedy of this global pandemic. As I watched the confusion spread, I wanted to teach and remind people how to keep themselves safe in the midst of the spread... and have a little creative fun so I didn't completely lose my mind. My husband and I were in the middle of a long holiday and found ourselves a safe haven in Vietnam. We hunkered down in an Airbnb, where this video was inspired, recorded, and birthed. Many thanks to him for his technical advice and for keeping me from trashing this whole thing in process. From start to finish, this was completed in 3 separate apartments, 2 cities, vocals recorded in an IKEA wardrobe and I was only able to use items I could find in our rental units and in our suitcases. I also recorded this while battling a chest infection which may have actually been Covid-19... so... that's fun. LYRICS: Twenty-five flights but now we’re sitting still Social distancing so we don’t get ill (uh uh) on our vacation We realized quickly, as the whole world should Taking this precaution’s for the common good of all For as long as we need And so they tell us we should stay at home And don’t go all out with your friends, no-no, if you’re, If you’re feelin’ a little peculiar And when you wake in the morning ‘fore you step outside Ask yourself if going out is justified, and we Scream from the top of our lungs “Please wash your hands!” And we count “one two three four, (And I said Heyy-ey-ey-ey) Five six seven eight, now just a little more, uh-huh (Hey-ey-yay) Nine, ten, keep scrubbing on… (I said hey, please wash your hands) And then, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen (Heyy-ey-ey-ey) Fifteen, sixteen, uh-uh and seventeen (Hey-ey-yay) Eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. (I said hey, please wash your hands) And let’s try, oh my God let’s try Try with all our might, to stop the confusion And we pray, oh dear God do we pray We pray every single day, for a vaccination…. ETC...


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